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Dramas and Thrillers and Sitcoms, Oh My!

(Credit: Johnny Grieg/Science Photo Library/Universal Images Group) From dramas to anime, the entertainment industry offers an extensive variety of television shows to the general public. Television is a popular pastime amon...

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Discovering Discovery and New Upper School Classes

                                                   Photo courtesy of the Discovery Program With the class of 2021 making the transition into upper school, talk...

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Homework: A Balancing Act

Vance E., Staff Writer

After students come back from Winter Break, they are hit with the stress and anxiety of homework. Students fear that their teachers will increase the homework load from first semest...

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Electives Everywhere, so many to choose from

February 8

Journalism: EXPOSED

February 6

Middle School Bible Class: Students’ Perspectives

February 6

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Spotlight on...

Hypebeast in The Middle School

Daniel V. and Aidan H.

A commonly used word among eighth-grade boys is “hypebeast”. In this segment, we will look into the word hypebeast and whether people’s shoes are considered to be hypebeast....

February 16No Comments

Clash Royale: An 8th Grade Boys Tradition

Andrew D. and Ryan G.

Every morning before school starts, eighth grade boys sit on the benches next to their lockers and play the popular mobile game Clash Royale. This video story explains what...

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Presidents Day Weekend Plans

Sarah S. and Maya S., Staff Writers

Presidents Day is an important holiday for America. Additionally, it means that there is no school for Westminster students. Here's what middle schoolers are doing during...

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Adios Amigos: Saying Goodbye to our Friends from Spain

February 16

New Necklace Trend: Chokers

February 16

Super Advertisements at the Super Bowl

February 15

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  • Jazz Band: The Stars of the Morning

    Ever wondered about clubs around the school? One club you might not know about is the Jazz Band, an extracurricular band available to those who parti...

  • Super Advertisements at the Super Bowl

    Courtesy of Alan Siegel What were the best Super Bowl commercials this year? We interviewed students and teachers about their opinions on the best ...

  • NFL Season So Far

    Every Sunday afternoon people from all over the country sit down on their couch to watch a game of football. This year is almost over, and teachers an...

  • Christmas Movies

    We went around the middle school asking students about the results. Listen to the audio to hear the results. Photo Credit: Google Images...

  • Exam Study Tips

    Students talk about their useful study skills and teachers talk about how they are preparing their students for exams....


The news site of The Westminster Schools
The news site of The Westminster Schools