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After the recent school shootings, many around the nation are focused on making a change to lower gun violence in schools. On March 24, some Wildcats went...

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From Snowing to Sunny to Stormy

May 18, 2018

Memorial Day: Starting off Summer

May 18, 2018

Eighth Graders Put their Own Spin on Shakespeare

May 14, 2018

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Teens and Sleep: From A to Zzzzzzz

May 17, 2018

Camps: Summer Fun for Students

May 10, 2018

Why Coaches Coach

May 10, 2018

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  • Where Wildcats Eat

    With so many options around the Atlanta area, it is not a surprise that we all have that one restaurant that we love. Watch this video to find out whe...

  • Campus Center ID Change Adds Time Crunch

    Westminster MS students go to the Campus Center often to get food and dessert after eating lunch in Malone Dining Hall. Listen to this story to find o...

  • Coming to a Close: Spotlight on Teachers and Exams

    As the end of the year and spring exams approach, teachers talk about how they prepare their students, the difference between winter and spring exams,...

  • Tuesday Morning Prayer Group: A Peaceful Start to the Morning

    Have you ever wondered how middle schoolers spend their Tuesday mornings? Some go to Tuesday Morning Prayer group in the chapel. They go for a message...

  • SUMMER 2K18

    Looking forward to summer? Who isn't? Find out what middle school students and teachers have planned for this summer!...


  • Falcons Ride Ridley Hype

    Every year during the end of April, the NFL hosts the draft, when a total of 256 college players join the professional team that picks them. The 2018 ...

  • Reed Finally Claims His First Green Jacket

    The 2018 Masters could arguably be one of the most exciting of all time.  The race for the green jacket was tight all the way until the end with ...

  • MS TrackCat Season Equals Success

    The TrackCats had a historic regular season filled with records and victories. Watch our video story to find out more!...

  • MS Golf: Success on the Fairways

    The Middle School GolfCats out-drove the competition, and although they were not awarded green jackets of their own, they ended the season success...

  • Kicking Off the 2018 World Cup

    With the World Cup beginning on June 14, students are looking forward to watching some intense soccer with different hopes and opinions on who is goin...

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