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After the recent school shootings, many around the nation are focused on making a change to lower gun violence in schools. On March 24, some Wildcats went...

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Reading in the MS: So Little Time, So Many Books

October 11, 2018

Renovations for Success: The New Third Floor

October 10, 2018

Students’ Favorite Classes and Electives

September 17, 2018

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The 2018-19 Go-To Clubs in the Middle School

October 3, 2018

Netflix: I’ll Just Watch One More

October 3, 2018

Fun in the Sun: The First Week Off-Campus Trips

October 1, 2018

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  • Where Wildcats Eat

    With so many options around the Atlanta area, it is not a surprise that we all have that one restaurant that we love. Watch this video to find out whe...

  • Campus Center ID Change Adds Time Crunch

    Westminster MS students go to the Campus Center often to get food and dessert after eating lunch in Malone Dining Hall. Listen to this story to find o...

  • Coming to a Close: Spotlight on Teachers and Exams

    As the end of the year and spring exams approach, teachers talk about how they prepare their students, the difference between winter and spring exams,...

  • Tuesday Morning Prayer Group: A Peaceful Start to the Morning

    Have you ever wondered how middle schoolers spend their Tuesday mornings? Some go to Tuesday Morning Prayer group in the chapel. They go for a message...

  • SUMMER 2K18

    Looking forward to summer? Who isn't? Find out what middle school students and teachers have planned for this summer!...


  • Gearing Up; Wildcats to Wear Adidas

    This year Westminster has become an adidas-sponsored school, and many people have different opinions on the decision. Many factors had to be taken int...

  • Pigskin Picnic: An Annual Tradition

    The Pigskin Picnic is a beloved tradition that kicks off the school year the first week of September. In a survey taken by 128 students, about 80 p...

  • BatCats Off to Winning Season

    The middle school softball team, made up of 16 players, is off to a winning season with a 9-3 record. Marist, one of the three schools who defeate...

  • Eighth Grade Football: Cats Reach Midseason

    The eighth grade football players have kicked off their season with a 2-1 start, defeating GAC 26-0 and Wesleyan 34-0. The Cats showed grit and hard w...

  • VolleyCats Serve up a New Season

    By Janine H. The VolleyCats are in the midst of another exciting season. The Green and White teams have already played 11 games and have currently ...

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