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Ask Rambler: Last Day of School 5/20/16

Rambler, Dog

May 20, 2016

Dear Rambler, I am an 8th grader who is going to be a freshman next year, and I am going to summer school this summer before school starts. I am really upset that I have to take 3 years of my whole summer to continue school. Ug...

Ask Rambler

Ask Rambler

May 12, 2016

Dear Rambler 5/5/16

Rambler, Dog

May 5, 2016

Dear Rambler, I'm really nervous to go into high school. Is it really as difficult as everyone says it is?   Sincerely, Anonymous     Dear Anonymous, It’s ok to be nervous for high school,...

Ask Rambler: Yours Truly 4/22/16

Rambler, Dog

April 22, 2016

Dear Rambler, I am a strong supporter of food rights in the Middle School. I enjoy food, I eat, food, and I embrace food. So why can’t the students choose the meals that we eat instead of the staff picking it for us. More students...

Ask Rambler 3/22/2016

Rambler, Dog

March 22, 2016

3/18/16   Dear Rambler, I was wondering why the lunchroom lies about what we are going to have for lunch. Recently it said we were going to have chicken fingers but instead we had honey-glazed ham!! It drives me...

Ask Rambler; a Dog with a Blog?


November 9, 2015

Dear Rambler, With all due respect, how do you plan on giving advice? I only ask because I have never seen you speak or type before. Correct me if I’m wrong but… dogs don’t talk. Sincerely, Mystified Mr. Meyer   Mystified...

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Ask Rambler

November 5, 2015

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