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West Paces Ferry Shopping Center: The Place to Be

Caroline B., Staff Writer

February 12, 2018

Filed under Student Life

Ever wondered where Westminster students like to hangout after school? The West Paces Ferry Shopping Center, about five minutes away from school, is a hangout for many. Popular places include Willy’s, Starbucks, Yogurtland, and Goldberg’s. Most students visit ...

Middle Schoolers’ Must-See Movies

Ruthie H., Staff Writer

February 9, 2018

Filed under Student Life

Watching movies has been a favorite activity of teenagers for years. But what people are watching and how they are watching it is changing. In a recent middle school survey, 28 percent of students said Star Wars: The Last Jedi was their favorite, but just behind it w...

The World of Favorite Fruit Break Snacks

Katherine Y., Staff Writer

February 7, 2018

Filed under Student Life

Fruit break is a time for middle schoolers to take a break, eat a snack, and talk to friends. Years ago a student suggested putting this break into the routine, and since then students have appreciated the time. It takes place...

New Nurse’s Office; Saving Steps for the Sick

Ethan R., Staff Writer

February 7, 2018

Filed under Student Life

  Westminster added a new nurse’s office in the middle school on September 1st, 2017. Before, middle schoolers had to share a nurse’s office with the high school in Pressly Hall. The new nurse’s office is located on the third floor in Clarkson Hall, much closer to the middle schoolers, leaving the old nurse's office for...

Is the Campus Center Worth the Money?

Toby L., Staff Writer

February 5, 2018

Filed under Student Life

The Westminster Middle School has two places designated for only food; the Campus Center, located in Broyles, and the Malone dining hall, located in Pressly. Both locations have their pros and cons. The Campus Center is only open during lunch for seventh and eighth ...

Can’t Keep Up With the Kardashians

Julia P., Staff Writer

February 5, 2018

Filed under Pop Culture

Ask any middle schooler about the latest drama with Khloe or Kylie, and they will probably have an opinion. Between television and social media, the Kardashians have invaded the internet. Reality shows have been around since the early 80’s, and they have gained popularity throughout the years. The most popular have been...

HQ: Getting Down To The Nitty Gritty

Jack R., Staff Writer

January 31, 2018

Filed under Student Life

HQ is a widely-popular, free mobile trivia game played by many students in the middle school. According to Time Magazine, HQ is the 1 app of 2017. Increasing in player count by day, HQ is growing and has reached over 1 million con...

Big Sis-Little Sis: A Time to Connect

Walton N., Staff Writer

January 31, 2018

Filed under Student Life

In the Westminster Middle School, the big sister/little sister program has been a tradition for several years. Every year, a sixth grade girl is paired with one or two eighth grade girls to become a “little sister.” This gives the eighth graders a chance...

Teachers Throw Back to Middle School

Virginia M., Staff Writer

January 29, 2018

Filed under People, Spotlight on...

Some students find it difficult to accept, but teachers were kids not so long ago. They took tests, played in sports games, completed homework, got in trouble with their teachers, and handled the stress of middle school.   ...

The Little Mermaid Jr. Sneak Peak

Cate S., Staff Writer

January 29, 2018

Filed under Fine Arts, Spotlight on...

Ready or not, the Middle School DramaCats will be taking the stage on February 2 and 3. They will be performing The Little Mermaid Jr. The actors have been practicing, singing, and dancing everyday for almost two months since their audition...

The Secret Life of a Teacher

Ella F., Staff Writer

January 29, 2018

Filed under People

Many people may think that teachers only exist inside of the school hallways; but, in reality, they participate in some interesting activities outside of school. Whether it is book club, bike racing, or taking care of their...

Closing the Door on Locker Problems

Jordan S., Staff Writer

January 29, 2018

Filed under Student Life

Lockers are a big part of the middle school experience. They can hold a student’s belongings and books, and are fun to decorate, but sometimes they just don’t work that well. The most common problem Westminster students face every day with their lockers are the doors being jammed or really hard to open or to...

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