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Recess: The Perfect Way to Blow Off Steam

Tyler H., Staff Writer

February 22, 2019

In the Middle School, recess and fruit break are some of the most popular times of the day. It is an opportunity for students to blow off some steam in between classes, and it is a great break to get away from some of the stres...

Dine and Dash? More like Last in Line

Quinton E., Staff Writer

February 21, 2019

At Westminster, students are still waiting for the perfect day when the lunch line is short and the menu is good. According to eighth grade boy Mack T. this would be  “the perfect lunch.”  “It’s that one thing you’ve been waiti...

Where Did My Stuff Go?

Alexa L.

February 21, 2019

A common experience at Westminster is having a personal item stolen.  From computers to phones, to food and shoes, things that are left unattended are taken. One of the places that endures the most theft is the bookstore. ...

Dress Code Drama

Margaret R., staff writer

February 11, 2019

Since Westminster was founded in 1961, students have always had a strict dress code. Over time the rules have gotten more allowing. Various students think the dress code is affecting their way to express their feelings. Others...

All Aboard to Procrastination Station!

Lia D.

February 7, 2019

There’s no denying that at some point, if not many, you’ve procrastinated. You’re sitting with all your books and papers laid out in front of you, ready to get work done…but then you wonder how much of the ocean is still ...

Winter Blues: What’s got people down?

Margot C., Staff Writer

February 6, 2019

After enjoying a long Christmas break, some students have a hard time coming back to school and adjusting to the workload, stress, and athletics. Research done by Mayo Clinic shows that there are around 3 million cases of seasonal...

Middle School Hallways: A Canvas for Young Artists

Ikechi A., Staff Writer

December 14, 2018

In the middle school's Clarkson Hall, several pieces of art are on display. One can see different paintings, sculptures, and even interpretations of blue tape scattered all over the hallways. ...

Fruit Break: Nourishing and Stress-less

Janine H., Staff Writer

December 14, 2018


Science Fair Wows the Audience; Several Advance to Regionals

Ikechi A., Staff Writer

December 10, 2018

The tri-folds have been taken down and the papers have been submitted. The middle school science fair has come to close for most. Eighth graders have worked hard on their projects since September, and most are overjoyed to be...

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Evelyn S., Staff Writer

December 10, 2018

The holidays are an exciting time in the middle school. Students and teachers are looking forward to vacations, spending time with family and friends, and most of all getting a break from school. Presents are another aspect...

The MS Geography Bee: Who will BEE the Best?

Zach H., Staff Writer

November 28, 2018

Every year at the beginning of January, the middle school holds its very own geography bee. This competition of around ten students holds high stakes and features the best geography students at the school. Seventh grade boys chair and sixth grade World Cultures teacher Robert Cochran is the host and director of the bee. He...

Wildcats Going Global

Evelyn S. and Allie R., Staff Writer

November 1, 2018

Middle Schoolers are offered four amazing Global Programs in the summer of 2019 to immerse themselves in other cultures. The program's trips include Spain, France, Italy, and Colorado. These experiences create lifelong friendships,...

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