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Dear Rambler,

This is my first year in the middle school, and I am really worried about exams. I did fine last semester, but I am under a lot of pressure to do well, and this semester’s material is much harder than last year. I have been working hard and studying in my free time, but I still worry that I am studying wrong. Please give me some tips on how to prepare for the exams coming up.




Dear Overwhelmed,

I remember being worried about my exams too. Back then, laying down and rolling over was very hard for me on command, but I learned it through practice and hard work. The most important tool you have is perseverance. If you ever are faced with a problem or a concept you do not understand, then try it again or talk to a teacher or a peer who can explain it to you. Famous inventor Thomas Edison once said: “The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Repetition is also key. Some people like to make flashcards for vocabulary so that they can practice and memorize the written information. Make sure to have your master take you for a walk or take a short break every once in a while to keep you engaged in studying. Sleep is very important. Dogs like me need about twelve hours of sleep per day, but nine or ten hours is ideal for the average middle schooler.

Good luck,


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