Ask Rambler

Photo credit: Scoot Dimon

Photo credit: Scoot Dimon

Ivy R, Staff Writer

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An advice column is a part of a newspaper or magazine. In advice columns somebody gives advice to readers who have sent in letters about their personal problems. This fall, the WildcatPressXpress will be launching an advice column, Ask Rambler.

For those who don’t know Rambler, he is a dog who belongs to Scoot Dimon, Assistant Headmaster for Student Life. He is a six year old border terrier. Rambler is the heart and spirit of the school and is loved by all.

Anyone can ask Rambler for advice, questions, or issues they feel Rambler should know about and possibly fix. Then, there will be a piece in the WildcatPressXpress which will answer any questions, concerns, or complaints.

Here are the steps;

  1. Email [email protected]
  2. Start out your letter with “Dear Rambler”
  3. End the email with a fake name, Example: Confused Chris or Anonymous
  4. A few days later there will be a piece in the WildcatPressXpress featuring your letter to Rambler and his response.



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