Ask Rambler: The Thirsty Wildcat

Ivy R, Staff Writter

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Dear Rambler,

The line for juice and sweet tea in the lunchroom is so long EVERY day. What can we do about it?

Thirsty Wildcat


Dear Thirsty Wildcat,

I have noticed this problem as well! Tho I don’t have a permanent solution YET, here are sum ideas: try and get ur drink when you 1st walk in. The line seems to b the thickest in the middle of lunch, and this way you can have your sweet beverage while waiting in line. Or, u can b like tricky Ted Sadtler and cut the whole line- that’s right I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. JK definitely don’t cut the line. LOL. Hope this helped, and I’ll let u know if I figure out a better solution.



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