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Dear Rambler,

I’m a rising ninth grader and I don’t know the names of any of the buildings in the high school. I am really nervous that I am going to get lost next year. How do you remember the buildings?

-Nervous Newbie

Dear Nervous Newbie,

When you are in high school you spend most of your time in 6 different buildings: Askew, Robinson, Scott, Pressly, Campbell, Broyles Art Center, and Turner Gym. I like to smell the buildings to remember them, but Scoot has another nifty trick he taught me. If you start at Adams Gate you “Ask ew” self where Robinson is: its to the left and Askew is to the right. then you keep walking and pass Pressly on the right where they press your panini for lunch. To the left is Scott hall but I like to call it Scoot hall because that is where Scoot buys me all of my Westminster gear. After visiting the bookstore you can walk across Love Patio into Broyles where the Campus Center boils coffee for you. When the Bell rings at the end of the day head to CampBell where your lockers will be. Turner around for your sports practice in Turner Gym!

Sincerely, Rambler.

Dear Rambler, 

How long have you been a member of the terrific Westminster schools? 

-Perplexed Pete

Dear Perplexed Person,

Mr. Scoot picked me out of my litter when I was just 4 weeks old. I have lived at Westminster for 6 whole years. I am so lucky be around so many ‘Cats every day; no dog could ask for anything better.

From, Rambler

Dear Rambler,

Im having a “cat”astrophe. Im super stressed right now with school work and other stuff. What should I do to calm my stress?

-Super Stressed

Dear Super Stressed,

I often struggle with my stress levels and I have found the best way to cope is to BARK: Break life down to the cause of your stress, Admit and talk about the cause with your parent(s), guardian(s), or owner(s), Replace/reduce the cause, and Kick up your heels to relax.

Sincerely, Rambler

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