Dear Rambler 5/5/16

Rambler, Dog

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Dear Rambler,

I’m really nervous to go into high school. Is it really as difficult as everyone says it is?






Dear Anonymous,

It’s ok to be nervous for high school, I was nervous too when Mr. Scoot took me to the high school for the first time. All you need to remember is to study hard for your classes, always do your homework, and don’t do anything that can get you sent back to puppy school. Although I was nervous my first time, I soon realized that it became a walk in the park, literally because you walk all over campus. Anyway remember Love. Challenge. Lead. Change. Hope to see you soon in the high school!








Dear Rambler,

Field Day is coming up, and I’m worried that I am going to let my homeroom down. What should I do?





Dear Unathletic,

Come on there is nothing to worry about, field day is fun, it marks the end of the year and that means SUMMER! I understand if you feel that way but there is an event for everyone. Even if you aren’t the best at that event, it is ok, field day is all fun and games and I bet you can be the best team supporter anyway. Look at me as an example, I try hard to catch those squirrels and I bet I look like a fool when I don’t but I don’t care because it’s fun and hilarious. Hope to see you at field day, you’re going to do great!!










Dear Rambler,

I am going to the beach this summer but whenever I go it always rains and I always get so bored. What do you suggest I do to pass the time?


Rained in



Dear Rained in,

I love going to the beach!! It does stink when it rains though, so I know what you mean. Even though, its hard to be at the beach when its raining, it is really fun when the rain clears up because then you have a ton of tide pools to run around in. Also, who ever said no to singing in the rain?








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