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Dear Rambler,

I’m a 6th grader right now and I want to join Latin next year. I don’t know much Latin and I also don’t know the teacher. What should I do Rambler?




Hello Anonymous,

Latin Class is really great. It is a great place to learn a classical language. My first day in Latin was scary as well. I really didn’t know much about Latin and Mr. Falcetti seemed scary, but he soon taught us many things. He was a great master and was much taller than me. After that, I was on my way to a great Latin year. You should love forward to a few great things in Latin. One, coin cleaning. Coin cleaning was one of my favorite activities in Latin. Unfortunately, I couldn’t lick the dirt off the coin to make it clean. It tasted horrible. Two, Decisive Battles and other videos. Mr. Falcetti seems to have an unlimited collection of bad quality Roman Army Battle videos. Be prepared to have to watch these while one of your classmates continuously talks. Overall, Latin was the best class ever in the middle school (other than Mr. Scoot’s US History Class of course). But you have many good things to look forward to.

Have a good summer break,


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