Show Compassion This Christmas

Alex B, Staff Writer

Let’s do some math. What costs you one dollar per day? A piece of gum, a pack of cookies, or a pencil? What about 35 dollars a month? A shirt, a necklace, or a basketball? Is a pack of gum more important than a child’s life?

During Christmas time, we focus on what we want to receive or give to our friends or our family. We rarely think about people outside of ourselves and our immediate family and friends.

By spending 35 dollars a month, you can educate, feed, and help a child grow in their faith. Who wouldn’t be willing to sacrifice 30 packs of gum for a child?

 Through the organization Compassion, you can sponsor one of the 2,107 children waiting for a sponsorship. These children from all around the world, ages 1 to 14, struggle to clothe or feed themselves every day. With your help, they are offered more opportunities that would allow them to strive.

The children being sponsored are “grateful for all they have even though they have so much less.” mentioned Sydney H, an 8th grade student who sponsors Sharon Bernard Phillipo, a 12-year-old girl.

Sydney explained that Sharon blesses her with the letters that she sends: “When I receive her letters, it makes me feel happy because I’m making a difference in her life.” Sharon refers to that difference as a second chance.

Helping these children through Compassion is just one example of so many ways that you can help others. Maybe you can sacrifice your wants for someone’s needs this Christmas, volunteer at a homeless shelter, or donate to another nonprofit organization

We learn so much from others whether it is something simple like how to say the alphabet or something much more like hope or courage. You can be blessed by another person’s influence in your life and the more people that you know and help, the stronger a person you will be.

Carter Thomas, an English teacher in the Middle school, shares the importance of relationships: “It’s very humbling. It just makes me feel grateful to know them and to feel like they are just new friends and I’m thankful that we see each other. And it’s just another relationship and to me relationships are what make this world beautiful.”

Six coloured gift boxes, with patterned ribbon tied in cross and farm animal gift tags, stacked on sides in pyramid.
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Six coloured gift boxes, with patterned ribbon tied in cross and farm animal gift tags, stacked on sides in pyramid.