That’s So Last Christmas

Henrietta W, Staff Writer

Toys and wrapped presents at the foot of decorated Christmas tree.. Photograph. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 10 Dec 2015. Britannica Image Quest

With Thanksgiving over and Christmas quickly approaching, many students start to plan their Christmas lists. These lists vary ranging from brand name shoes to very expensive purses. Despite all of these wishes, many students don’t consider all that they already have and all that they have received in previous years.

Many students can’t even remember what they received the year before. When hearing another student talking about her gifts the year before, Caroline said, “You remember? That was a year ago!” Another student fails to recall previous gifts, saying, “I don’t remember, that was a year ago.”

However, several students do recall presents they received in previous years. Even with this memory though, many of these gifts aren’t used. One 8th grade girl talks about how although she uses several of last years’ gifts, many lie in the back of her closet. “I don’t really use most of my stuff anymore.” That word, “stuff” describes much of what kids receive. Alex says that she receives a lot of “useless random junk” that she does’t use.

However, students never fail to create lists for the current year although most don’t consider what they already have when constructing this year’s list. Deemed out of fashion, last year’s shoes and clothes aren’t remembered and new styles fill lists. Or people love last years shoes so much that they need 5 different colors.

In the future, eliminating random junk and presents that just to take up space would benefit all. Although unwrapping presents on Christmas brings joy, the extra wrapping paper is wasteful along with the money spent on items never to be used.

Reducing the number of gifts not only will help keep houses cleaner, but fewer gifts will help bring people’s attention to what they already have. Additionally, to help help those without, give away old presents that are no longer needed. Your gifts benefit others and yourself!  Fewer presents will help you appreciate all that you have instead of taking it for granted. Also, a smaller number of gifts will help everyone remember and use gifts they already have have, more. Besides, presents have little meaning when compared to the large portion of the world without enough food or a place to sleep.