6th and 8th Grade Relationships


Davis S., Journalist

If you think I am talking about “dating” relationships, you are wrong.

On, February 12, 2016, the 8th grade girls had a Big Sister/Little Sister costume day where they wore pajamas and movie costumes arranged by the big sisters. There have been at least two days of dress up to school. Earlier in the school, the girls had a Hawaiian shirt day (each girl wears a Hawaiian shirt, sock, and shoes.) The boys have had an astonishing amount of days to dress up — Zero is the number of days the boys are allowed to dress up and do fun interactions with our buddies.

The boys would have so many more fun and exciting activities and dress up days if we were given the opportunity. Examples of activities/dress up days the boys could have would be: Buddy Football dress up day, 6th & 8th buddy basketball tournament, Buddy soccer World Cup … etc. The 8th grade boys interactions with their buddies is not as interesting as the girls. Last month, the 8th boys traveled down to the 6th grade locker commons to talk about their feelings and how to manage time with outside sports and homework; which is definitely the greatest way to keep boys occupied during their meeting. Knowing boys, (because I am one) we love to talk about our problems in school, which pencil pouch is the best, and how to get over not getting asked to the dance. WRONG! There better ways to keep teenage boys occupied including sports. Our meetings don’t have to always include sport, some students don’t like sports, but there could be other ways to develop a better relationship with one another.

The 8th grade boys and the 6th grade boys would have a much better relationship/connection if they did more interesting things with one another. When the 6th grade boys see the 8th grade boys clumped together walking down to their locker commons, they get upset and mad because they know they are going to get super bored and tired of listening to older kids talk to them about their feelings and homework. If the 6th and 8th grade boys did more exciting things, there wouldn’t always be a depression vibe.