Sixth Graders’ First Impressions on the Middle School

Ally P., writer


Photo By Ally P.


Different things go on in the middle school each and every day. Every year, a new bunch of kids arrive, and they have to get accustomed to all of the rules and freedoms that come along with being a sixth grader; some good and some bad.

There are many things here in the middle school that sixth graders seem to like. As Evelyn S. said, “I think we have a lot of freedom this year and I like that.” A handful of sixth graders mentioned that they like the freedom they are permitted in the middle school.

Another aspect sixth graders like is fruit break. “I like fruit break because we get a break from our classes and get to hang out with our friends and play soccer four square and stuff,” said Allie R.

George M. also likes the free time. “One of my favorite things is the free period after lunch where we can play outside and socialize.”

However, every rainbow has a little rain. Several sixth grade students mentioned disappointments about lunch. Kiera S. stated, “I wish the tables at lunch were bigger so more people could sit at one.”

Millie N. also shows distaste when she said, “I hate how everyone runs to lunch.”

Another element several boys, such as Sam R., Bryce H., and Ezekeo H., seem to dislike is math. As Bryce H. said, “I don’t like math and the amount of work we have in that class.”

Although there are things that these sixth graders seem to like and some they seem to dislike, they all agree that it is easier than they expected. Storey A. said, “Right now I think it’s easier, but I think it may get harder.” Many of his classmates agree.

As Sam R. said, “I think it’s easier because my sister tried to scare me and told me it was super hard and it isn’t as hard as she said it was.”

Lastly, there are a few things they think could improve the middle school. Allie R. thinks, “Maybe if each grade had lunch at a different time or something because it’s very crowded.” She thinks that this would improve long lunch lines and finding a spot to sit.

Ezekeo H. dislikes one thing in particular. “I’d make the middle school smaller so that we don’t have to walk as much.”

Elle M. has an idea that she thinks would greatly improve the middle school. “Ooh, maybe if they got an ice cream machine or something!” She thinks this would help make the next batch of sixth graders have a better first impression on the middle school.

Clearly, many characteristics about the middle school play a key roll in what sixth graders like and dislike. Every single year, the middle school transforms into something better than it was the previous year, and all it takes are a few kids sparking up new ideas and speaking up about the issue they’d like to address.