Look Out! Hoverboards are Soaring through the Middle School

Olivia H., Staff Writer

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Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Baker

The past few weeks, students and teachers have noticed hoverboards around the school made by Jennifer Baker’s sixth grade art students. After five long months working on and off, the pieces were finally done and are fully functional.

Ms. Baker wanted a project that the students would remember through their middle school years. “I wanted it to include STEAM and twenty first century skills,” she said.

The hoverboards included a large piece of wood, vinyl skirt, a pipe used in toilets, and a cordless leaf blower that worked together to make the hover boards fly. Eighth grader Evie E. loved the designs of the boards. “I thought they were really cool,” she said.

Another eighth grade girl, Sadie H., loved the different type of project. “I have never really done anything like this because in art we mostly use paper and paint,” she said.

Sam R., a sixth grade boy in Ms. Baker’s art class, said that there were definitely hard parts of the project but the final piece made up for it. “I wouldn’t change anything about the project. It was really fun,” he said.

As they wrap up their design projects, students, faculty, and staff  have enjoyed seeing the hoverboards displayed around school. The Art Program can’t wait to see what else Ms. Baker has in store for the rest of the year.

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