JumpCats: Jumping Through the Year

Cate S. and Ella W., Staff Writers

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The Jump Rope Club was introduced to middle schoolers at the beginning of this school year. It soon rose to popularity, but only the true jumpers have stuck with it. This club, led by PE teacher Kasey Stout, consists of seven seventh graders and two eighth graders.   

Mrs. Stout said, “I decided to start the Jump Rope Club because I had some kids from last year interested in it. I thought, why not? It incorporates fitness and fun, and so far, we have loved it.”

Though this is a new club for Westminster students, many of the members have experience in jump rope from their elementary school.

Seventh grade girl Quinn S. said, “When I found out Westminster was creating a Jump Rope Club, I knew I had to join. At my elementary school, Morris Brandon, I was on the Jump Rope Demo team with another member of this year’s club, Trey H., and it was so much fun.”

The Jump Rope Club meets during club period in order to nail their routines. Additionally, they meet on many Thursday mornings. 

Quinn S. also loves the club. She said, “My favorite thing about jump rope club is that it is a really fun activity that you get to do with your friends.”

The JumpCats also love to display their talents in front of their peers. They performed at the Middle School Talent Show and during a Christian Emphasis Week assembly.

Eighth grader Sue J. said, “I love performing because we get to showcase all the hard work we have put it to the routine in front of the middle school.”

Seventh grader Trey H. also loves to perform in front of his classmates and teachers. He said, “I love when I do a trick that is impressive and everyone is so amazed.”

Although this school year is coming to an end, it’s just the beginning for jump ropers. Mrs. Stout said, “I plan to continue the club next year. I also hope that some sixth graders may join.”

Ellie P., a seventh grade girl, said, “I plan to continue with the Jump Rope Club again next year because this year was such a fun experience. I loved getting to know people in the grade above me, and next year I hope to get to jump with students in the grade below me.”

The Jump Rope Club proved to be a big success in the middle school with all of the members loving the club and the audience enjoying their performances at various events. Until next year, go JumpCats!

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