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New Stadiums in Atlanta


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Mark M., Staff Writer

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Atlanta has decided to throw out the old and come in with the new with a pair of new stadiums for football and baseball.

Falcons owner Arthur Blank decided when the lease for the Georgia Dome is up, he wanted a new feel for both the Falcons and the new Atlanta soccer team, Atlanta United. This stadium started construction May 19, 2014, and is expected to be finished on March 2017. The total cost of the stadium is 1.64 billion dollars.

The Braves also decided to relocate from Turner Field to the new SunTrust Park. SunTrust Park started construction on September 16, 2014, and is going to open for the Braves 2017 season. It will cost around 622 million dollars.

The old stadiums will be repurposed in very different ways. The Georgia Dome is being demolished and turned into a parking lot and a park. Turner Field is becoming the house of the Georgia State Panthers.

While this sounds great at first some people feel that the stadiums are not needed and the stadiums we have now are perfectly fine.  This is a big problem as some people are being taxed and extra traffic is coming for something they don’t want.

There are some people on the flip side of that opinion though. Eighth grader Taji F. said, “I think it is (needed); the Georgia Dome is very old.” The new stadiums are supposed to help the city retain special events such as the Super Bowl and the Final Four.

The high cost of the stadiums is another big dispute, although the new stadiums are expected to be some of the best in the nation. Eighth grader Daniel V. said, “I think the stadiums are worth the price because they are both going to be really nice.”

The cost of the stadium is a big problem for some people. World Cultures Teacher Dr. Cochran said, “No they are not needed. If the money came from private investors I would be fine with it, but since it comes from public taxes I have a problem with it.” The public had no opportunity to vote on the fact that it would be publically funded.

Another big thing to think about is the repurposing of the stadiums. Many of people are disappointed with the demolition of the Georgia Dome. Eighth grader Daniel V. said, “I feel like they shouldn’t do that. They could use it for some other school or something.”

Turner Field will be the new home to the Georgia State Panthers, an exciting move for both fans and the school. Georgia State has not yet decided all the sports they will use the field for, but Dr. Cochran was optimistic that they will take Turner Field back to its roots and host some track meets.

All in all, the new stadiums in Atlanta are a very exciting thing to happen to the city. The Mercedes Benz Stadium will host the SEC Championship, the College Football National Championship, and The Final Four once it is built. These new stadiums will make Atlanta a hotspot for sports fans across the world.

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New Stadiums in Atlanta