Where’s the Snow?

Alexander Z., Staff writer

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Photo by: Alexander Zwerner

On January 7, after a forecast of three to five inches of snow, Westminster students of all ages woke up expecting a winter wonderland outside their homes, but when they looked outside, they were disappointed to see that there was no snow.

That Friday, snow was forecasted, and students were pleased to hear that they were only going to have a half day.

Many Westminster students and teachers agreed with the call for a half day. Vance E., an eighth grade student, said, “I agreed with the call for a half day because Westminster needed to be prepared. Everyone was stuck at school for multiple hours last time it snowed.”

Several Westminster students couldn’t wait for the snow. Some even stood outside their houses for multiple hours waiting with their friends.

Even though Westminster students were happy with the forecast of snow, several were upset when Westminster decided to cancel all athletic activities.

It was a common trend among Westminster students to stay active due to athletic activities being cancelled. Ryan G., an eighth grade boy, said, “On the half day off, I ran on the treadmill to stay active.”

Many Westminster families were looking forward to enjoying the snow day. Vance E. said, “I couldn’t wait to sled down hills with my family and to have snow ball fights with my sister.”

Families tried to make the most of the little snow and ice that occurred. Some students even went out looking for icicles that they could keep in their freezer to have a little bit of the winter wonderland they imagined.

Several Westminster students expected multiple inches of snow like the weather forecast said. Ryan G. said, “I expected at least three to five inches of snow. I was looking outside the windows throughout the school day to see if snow was falling.”

On the half day off, some decided to stay in their house and relax. Maya S., an eighth grade girl, said, “I stayed in my house and watched Netflix. I also listened to music to pass the time.”

Westminster families were disappointed when the forecast for snow was incorrect, but many have their hopes high for snow in the future.

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