Featured Films: Atlanta is More Popular Than You Think

Featured Films: Atlanta is More Popular Than You Think

Lane Healy

In the past decade, Atlanta has been a hive for film production. The reason for this is because governor Nathan Deal passed a tax bill that allowed film companies to pay a large amount less to film in Georgia. Some notable productions from the late 2000s to now are The Walking Dead, The Blindside, The Hunger Games Series, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America, Ant-Man, Spider-Man, and the very popular Netflix original Stranger Things. In fact, Atlanta recently passed Hollywood in feature films filmed in Atlanta. (Featured Films being movies that you can find advertised for theatres and are usually made by big film companies such as, marvel, warner bros, etc.) In this story, we are going to see people’s reactions to this.


I am interviewing Kate Matheson, an 8th grader. Kate said that she thought, “Probably some city in California, maybe Georgia” would have the most featured films. She was surprised a little surprised but sort of expected it and said: “I think it’s super cool, and I love watching movies and seeing places that I’ve been too before.” She said that the reason Atlanta is so popular for films is, “Because of the variations of locations and it’s very pretty and has a lot of great places for shooting.”


I am here with Katie an eighth-grader. I asked first, what it do you think has the most feature films filmed in it, and she said, “Washington DC”. Then, to explain why she thought this she said, “Because there are a lot of pretty places there and the government.” She was then asked how she felt about Atlanta being number one for featured films. She was surprised and answered with “A little shocked but there are a lot of cool places in Atlanta to shoot.”


Most people are very surprised by Atlanta being number one for feature films. Atlanta has been a major hive for big film productions. About a week ago, Atlanta was in jeopardy of losing all the money they make from film tax when film productions threatened to leave when the Georgia government was proposing an anti-abortion law, but luckily (for the film revenue), it was passed, but stopped by the federal court and said that the law is unconstitutional. Hopefully, with this bill being stopped, the film productions will decide to stay in Atlanta.