Robotics States


Five Trophies are shown in the steam lab, which were won by our own robotics teams

Rohit R., Writer

Next Saturday, February 15, is the big moment the Westminster Middle School Robotics team has been waiting for, the Robotics States Competition. The tournament will have high schoolers and middle schoolers alike, each with different robots and strategies to win. The competition was tough to get in, but three Westminster teams, 6199A, 6199C, and 6199E, are all going to the States Competition. These three teams were under the leadership and instruction of Timothy Shabanowitz, the Robotics’ head teacher and manager.


The competition is in West Forsyth High school, which is situated in Cumming, Georgia. The opposition will be both hard and easy, the high schoolers being more difficult than the middle schoolers. Two of our teams here at Westminster dominated at one of the recent tournaments on January 11, bringing back five trophies, two of which were for the finals. 6199E brought back the tournament winner trophy, while 6199C brought back the tournament finalist award. That tournament was only middle schoolers. However, tournaments before then had high schoolers, which proved to be difficult for our teams. 


The game the teams must complete is called Tower Takeover, and is pretty complicated but could be explained easily. There are two teams, the blue team, and the red team. The teams are created by random, and each team will have to work together to get the most points. There are cubes on the field, each with their colors: orange, purple, and green. Along with cubes, there are towers and goal zones for the cubes to go in. Each cube starts with a base value of one, but when a cube is placed in a tower, all cubes of that same color have one point added to their value. So, if a purple cube is in the red team goal zone, they have one point. But if there is a purple cube in a tower, the value goes up by one, so now the red team has two points. This applies to all colors and teams, so if the blue team had a purple cube in their goal zone, they would have two as well.


 Multiple students feel confident about the competition,  while some feel a bit antsy. However, they all think that the game is fun and hard at the same time. “I think it’s very simple. There aren’t many different ways to score points. In a way, that makes it more fun, but hard at the same time,” says 6199C team member Andrew Su. Each team is ready to go with their robots, and the competitors going will be hard to beat. But at least they will all have fun playing the game!