The Affect of the Corona Virus


On December 31, 2019, China announced an outbreak that included many people being ill with pneumonia. Later, on January 7, 2020, it was confirmed the outbreak was related to a coronavirus (aka Covid-19). As of March 18, 2020, there have been 208,471 cases found, 8,312 deaths, and 83,230 recoveries. 


The virus has recently reached the USA, with over 7,000 cases found. The illness reaching the US has caused many people to have high anxiety, fear, and caution. The illness has gotten so serious that schools, colleges, and universities in the US have begun to close. 


Even Westminster has had to close due to the illness. Before we closed, I interviewed two 8th grade girls, Lara B and Lizzie L on their thoughts, fears, and concerns about the coronavirus. 


Lara said, “I’m scared because I didn’t think that the coronavirus would get this serious and possibly cause Westminster to do online classes. Online classes seem fun, but the virus being in Atlanta doesn’t.” 


I asked Lara if she’s been making an effort to stay clean in response to the coronavirus. Lara said, “Every time I go to the bathroom I wash my hands for 20 seconds with lots of soap and water. My friends and I also carry our own hand sanitizers in our pencil cases.”


Lizzie said, “The whole coronavirus thing actually hit me yesterday when I went to lunch and saw all the sandwiches, salads, and apples packaged up. And we had our lunch served to us rather than getting it ourselves. I think that school is going to be canceled because of APS closing and Fulton County closing. I’ve been staying clean and been a lot more cautious of germs.”


My opinions on the coronavirus are similar to Lara’s and Lizzie’s. The coronavirus has forced our community to go into quarantine, make extra efforts to stay clean, and socially distance ourselves.