What Activities are Students Doing with Their Families During COVID-19


Emmie Hunter
What Are Students Doing With Their Families to Help Pass Time?
Lately, students are finding many activities to help them pass time during COVID-19. Some students like to play outside or go on walks while others like to read or binge-watch movies. Almost everyone in Georgia is self quarantining themselves. This means that parents and siblings are doing work and school from home now. How are kids handling spending this much time with their parents and siblings? What activities have students been doing with their families to help pass time during COVID-19?
Ashlee F. an 8th grader at Westminster says, “I have been spending a lot of time with my family. Too much time! We have played a lot of board games and we watch a lot of movies as well.” Along with Ashlee, many other students have been playing board games with their families to help pass time. Ashlee enjoys spending more time with her family, but she is ready for everyone to return back to their normal lives
Lee Hunter, a parent of a Westminster 6th grader and 4th grader says that he is enjoying spending more time with his family. Lee says, “I have been spending a lot of time with my son. Every afternoon we throw the football outside. While my wife and daughter have been doing a lot of cooking. We all watch movies together every night.” Lee sees these times as an opportunity to bond and reconnect with his family. Lee feels that in the past he has been very busy with work, so he is glad that now he has plenty of time to spend with his wife and children. Lee also says that he would like to have more of this family bonding time. He is going to spend less time on work more time with his family after this COVID-19 outbreak.
In conclusion, students have been spending a lot more time with their families lately. Lots of students have been able to reconnect with their families during this time and have an optimistic view saying that this COVID-19 break has been good for them and their families.