Apple Releases New iPhone SE

Apple Releases New iPhone SE

Leah B-H

Almost two years after discontinuing the original SE, Apple has released a new SE at a competitive price starting at $399.  The SE release was announced on April 15 and was available to order on April 24.  

Especially during this pandemic, having a cheaper phone available is crucial.  The new SE fills an important spot in Apple’s lineup as a more affordable option.  The new SE is very similar to the old SE, new technology, old exterior, and less expensive in general.

The SE is similar to the iPhone eight in design.  It has Touch ID and a smaller 4.7 inch screen than other newer iPhones.  The original SE had a screen size of 4 inches, so this phone is a bit bigger. The SE comes in three colors: red, white, and black, and starts at 64 GB of storage.  The SE contains the same A13 processing chip that is used in all of the 11 series iPhones.  The battery life is significantly shorter than in the 11 series (up to 8 hours for streaming video, 13 hours for watching local videos, and 40 hours for video playback), but it makes sense that a smaller phone would have a smaller battery.  The SE does not feature a dual or triple camera system, it has one camera, but it still has portrait mode. 

Apple has discontinued the iPhones 8 and 8+, but the iPhone XR is still in the lineup with all of the 11 series phones.  The iPhone SE packs in all of the important things, like the A13 chip, includes a good camera and is the same design as the older iPhones at a much lower price.