Murder hornets in the US

Murder hornets in the US

“Murder Hornets” also known as the Giant Asian Hornets have started appearing in The United States and Canada.

If you thought that one hornet or wasp of bee was scary then you better put on your diaper for when you see a Murder Hornet. The Murder Hornet is no joke even bees are scared of it.

The reason bees are afraid of them is because they are one of the main food sources for the Murder Hornets. A colony of Murder Hornets can kill around 30,000 bees in the span of a few hours.The Hornets decapitate all the bees and squish them up and bring them back to their hive to feed their larva.

You might think that you are safe because they only target bees but you are wrong. They are very aggressive and will attack you on site if you pose a threat to them. Now you might think as long as you stay away from their hive that you will be fine. To make matters worse their hives are in the ground.

Next, so now you’re thinking you can out run these hornets that can grow up to be 2 inches long but remember they are just as fast as honeybees\; they can fly up to 20 mile an hour and can fly multiple miles in one day.

That’s not even the worst part. They have a stinger that is a quarter inch long and when it stings you it releases a neurotoxic and necrotic venom into your body. This means that the venom will attack your nervous system and destroy tissue.

If you’re stung enough times you can die from these hornets. Annually these hornets kill 30 to 40 people each year in Japan.