What have people been bingeing in quarantine

What have people been bingeing in quarantine

Over quarantine, everyone has been very bored. Most people spend most of their days eating watching Netflix. Have you ever what Netflix shows everyone is watching and which ones you should be watching?

Number one on Netflix is the show blowing up around the world with everyone from college to middle school, “Outer Banks.” Have you seen this hit show? Are you JJ or JB? If you have not watched this you should, there are only good reviews for it.

Another show blowing up on Netflix aimed at a more mature audience is “Ozark.” Season three of “Ozark,” was just released on Netflix and the boomers are going crazy for it. If you are up for an outstanding serious drama series, you should look into “Ozark.”

8th grader Cameron H. had this to say, “Yes I have been watching a lot of Netflix over quarantine. I have watched Outer Banks, Greys Anatomy, and All American. Out of these, I liked outer banks the most because it was very interesting the entire show, was suspenseful, and I liked how it was set at the beach.”

These all are great shows to watch and keep you entertained through these boring days of quarantine.