Strange Weather in Atlanta

Amy Z., Staff Writer

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This year, the changing Atlanta weather has been confusing many people. It has altered many people’s schedules, clothing, and their thoughts about living in the south with the varying weather.

On January 5, Westminster decided to have an early dismissal at 12:30 p.m. due to the “inclement” weather, which turned out to be a very small amount of snow that night.

An eighth grader, Samantha F. said, “I think that it’s been very annoying because I just want it to be cold. And I want it to snow.”

Some people enjoyed the strange weather, while some disliked it. The weather even changed some people’s schedules. With the warmer weather, many went outside more. With the colder weather, others enjoyed looking forward to the “snow.”

A teacher, Tim Shabanowitz said, “My daughter’s birthday party had to get rescheduled due to the ice storm. The party’s theme was Winter Wonderland. We rescheduled the party to the next week and the temperature was 70 degrees. That wasn’t good.”

An eighth grader, Russell W. said, “I spent more time outside because we usually don’t have this warm weather in January.”

Many people think the strange weather is due to global warming. A teacher, Joey Jarrell said, “I think the strange weather is due to having a wacky weather season. 2016 was the warmest year on the record, and I think that was an affect of the wild temperature swings.”

An eighth grader, Samantha F. said, “I think the strange weather is due to global warming because it usually never is 70 degrees in January.”

Many people wished that the weather was more regular. Some wanted the weather to be what it usually is during a certain month. For example, January weather meant having a colder temperatures, with sometimes even snow. And July is meant to have warmer weather instead of having it in the middle of January.

Mr. Shabanowitz said, “I would like the weather to be more regular because I like seasons. I want the weather that is supposed to be according to the season.”

Some people think Atlanta should be more prepared for snow next year because of the lack of preparation from previous years. Mr. Jarrell said, “We should prepare for more snow because many unprepared individuals go through the winter without a jacket. Those people are affected more.”

Photo by Amy Z.

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