Hurricane Irma Washes Out Metro Atlanta

Sue J., Staff Writer

Photo Courtesy of Ms. Allen
Tree down on West Wesley, right outside Westminster back gate.

Hurricane Irma hit Atlanta as a tropical storm with maximum sustained winds of 35 mph on Monday, September 11. Whether it was the actual storm that affected the Middle School students, or being a host to those affected, most everyone dealt with the aftermath of the storm in some way.

Eighth grade girl Henley T. said, “Since my power only went out for about 24 hours, we were able to host a family friend without power and with trees hovering over their yard. We passed the time by working puzzles beside the candlelight.”

Another middle schooler had Hurricane Irma evacuees stay with them. Vincent B., a seventh grade boy, said, “My grandparents evacuated from Florida to escape the Hurricane. While I was not with them, I did homework and hung out with my friends.”

While many were without power, Henry S., an eighth grade boy, said, “Hurricane Irma only affected me with a few blackouts, lots of wind, and rain. During my time off from school, I did my homework and watched a lot of TV.”

Some students didn’t host anyone fleeing Irma, but knew people who were affected by the storm. Will D., a sixth grade boy, said,  “Our power was out for about a day, but our family friends had to evacuate Florida and come to Atlanta.”

Because there was no power for some, a few were not able to use wifi. Seventh grade girl Kate L. said, “Our power went out for two days which meant I had no wifi for my phone. I was stuck inside the house, so I mostly read and used my cellular data.”

Others got together with their neighborhood friends and had fun inside with the rough weather outside.  Ives C., a sixth grade girl, said, “The storm hit my house with lots of wind and rain, but my power never went out. My neighborhood got together and baked nearly eighty cookies.”

One student, Timeyin A., a sixth grade boy, took his time off from school to relax. “My power only flickered a few times during the storm. Because I was not at school, I got to watch a lot of TV.”

Although Hurricane Irma left damage that will take time to repair, the students of the Middle School seemed to cope well with the storm.