Snow Days…Who Decides?

David M.


Photo by Jan Allen
Snow fall at Upper Circle of Clarkson Hall


The Wildcats have lost three days of school already this semester due to inclement weather. Recently school was canceled Wednesday, January 17 and Thursday, January 18 as a result of icy roads and snowfall. Westminster also missed school January 8 and lost two days in the fall as a result of Tropical Storm Irma for a total of five days this school year.

Heather Karvis, Dean of Girls, explained the factors that go into the final decision on whether or not school is canceled. She said, “Driving conditions, so the road conditions if they are icy… Is power working at school or not.”  She also said that the government’s recommendation has a large impact on the decision.

Another problem includes faculty members taking care of their children when other public schools are canceled. “Teachers can’t necessarily get to work because they have their children at home,” Mrs. Karvis said.

Mrs. Karvis also talked about who at Westminster determines whether or not students attend school the next day. She said, “Toni Boyd is the woman in charge here of making the final call. She works with a group of people, with the state and other private and public schools.”

Many are wondering if missed days of school will be made up. Mrs. Karvis said, “As of right now, no.”

Other schools are handling the situation differently. Atlanta Public Schools are adding 30 minutes to each school day starting January 29 and ending on March 30, according to the AJC. APS has lost seven days of school due to weather conditions.

Gwinnett County Public Schools are adding three days of school where originally students had those days off.