From Snowing to Sunny to Stormy

Ethan R., Staff Writer



Photo by Jan Allen
Photo by Ethan R.


Recently in Georgia the weather has been extremely funky, it’s 95°F one day, and 75°F and rainy the next. Students can never tell if they should wear pants and a rain jacket or short sleeves.

Eighth grade boy Jalen D. said, “I hate living in Georgia because of the weather. It is the most annoying thing to show up to school in shorts, and then it starts snowing later in the day.”

Jalen says he never knows what to wear when he comes to school because of the weather, so he just wears jeans almost every day.

Sixth grade girl Lorelei C. said, “I don’t ever know when the weather’s going to be good or bad anymore.”

Lorelei never knows what to wear so she typically guesses on what to wear.

The extremes are what bother some people. Seventh grade boy Preston H. said, “I hate the weather here because it gets way too hot in the summer to make it where I don’t want to go outside.”

Not everybody hates the weather though; some people love the beautiful plants and flowers and the chance to spend time outside.

Sixth grade boy Sam F. said, “I like the weather in Georgia because sometimes in the winter it will be warm, and I will get to go outside and play basketball.”

Eighth grade girl Mia L. said, “I love the weather here because it is very beautiful most of the time and because of the variety of sun and rain that effects the plants.” 

With rain in the forecast in the next two weeks, the plants will be extremely happy.