Good Food Right to Your Door

Allie R., Staff Writer

Don’t feel like leaving the house to go to dinner or making food at home? Order food right to your doorstep from a food delivery service!

Online food delivery has been a growing trend in 2018. The revenue from these services in America has been about $16.98 million dollars and is expected to grow over the years.

Many options of delivery services exist in the Atlanta area, including Postmates, Ubereats, Doordash, and Grubhub.

According to a middle school survey where 85 students responded with their preference of delivery service, the most popular food delivery service for Westminster students is Ubereats. Although, middle schoolers prefer the service that is easiest for them.

Sage G., an eighth grade girl said, “I like to use Postmates because they have a lot of options and they tell you the exact time they are delivering it.”

Eighth grader John F. prefers Ubereats the best because it’s easiest for him when he doesn’t have food at the house and his family needs dinner.

Some Middle Schoolers order food almost everyday while others have ordered it only one or two times or never.

Eighth grader Ireland M. said, “I order Postmates with my mom about three times a week when we want different food than usual.”

Stella C., a seventh grade girl, said, “I have only ordered once with my friend when we were home alone.”

Some Westminster families regularly order food delivery for their families. Most parents order food for their kids but some students order on their own with friends or by themselves.

Eighth grader Jada B. said, “I order it normally on my own but if my brother wants me to get him something, I get it for him. Although, I usually order it from my phone.”

Thousands of restaurants are available for delivery in the Atlanta area. The most favorite restaurants to order from for the Westminster Middle Schoolers are Chick-fil-A, Willy’s Mexicana Grill, and Starbucks.

In order to have food delivered to your door, you have to pay a delivery fee. For example, on Postmates, to order a White Chocolate Mocha it is three dollars alone although a two dollar delivery fee is added.

Middle schoolers like to order from over 45 restaurants. These places have many different types of food including American, Italian, Fast Food, Chinese, and Thai.

Students dislike and like different delivery services for various reasons although popular complaints are that the service is too slow, very hard to order from, and the food is not high-quality.

Students prefer some delivery services because they have the food they want to eat, faster delivery, and is the easiest ordering process.

Overall, food delivery is a popular trend in our Atlanta area and many of our middle schoolers order food delivery very frequently.

Photo of Postmates app on phone