Rainy Weather Sidelines Students

Mack T., Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Jan Allen
On December 28, excessive rains caused flooding on Westminster’s athletic fields. This view is of the Football Field

It is said that in Atlanta, if one doesn’t like the weather, wait a few minutes and it will change.

Lately, Atlanta has experienced bad weather in the form of rain that has impacted the overall mood of the entire city.

According to an article by Helena Oliviero, because of the stormy weather in Atlanta, Lake Lanier is three feet above its normal height and may be unsafe for swimmers. 

The weather has also caused problems for students and staff at Westminster. From canceled athletics to getting stuck in Turner Gym, it makes life harder.

When lightning is present within a ten-mile radius of the campus, Middle School students are prohibited from exiting the buildings until the all-clear is given.

Camile W., an eighth grade girl,  said, “One time I got stuck in Turner Gym because of the rain, and I missed math class the day before a test, which made it harder to study.”

Not only at schools like Westminster is this an issue, but also throughout the entire city.  Puddles and mud fill open areas, whilst the sky is gray.

Non-school organized athletics and outdoor activities can also be canceled because of the risk of lightning or the condition of the area where the event takes place.

Jonny J., a sixth grade boy, said, “My NYO (Northside Youth Organiztion) practices have gotten canceled even when it hasn’t rained because of the muddy field.”

What happened to Jonny J. is a very common experience. Especially in the spring, most sports are outside and involve a field. This can lead to a soaked ground that won’t dry up because there is little sunlight.

When practices and class are canceled out of the blue, it changes people’s moods for the entire day. Students who are hyped to go play their favorite sport can have their plans ruined by a storm.

Jonny F., an eighth grade boy, said, “I was looking forward to lacrosse all day, and when I found out it was canceled, it made me sad.”

For now, Atlantans are stuck with this unpredictable weather that can change from hot and sunny to cold and stormy in the blink of an eye.

While the weather may cancel events and fun activities now, the citizens of Atlanta can look forward to the warm summer days just around the corner.

Photo courtesy of Jan Allen
This view is of the baseball field from December 28.