A Cold Front During March?

Ryan G., Staff Writer

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A cameraman from FOX News crosses North Capitol Street while shooting video of a winter storm expected to bring 10-15 inches of snow in the District with gust of winds near 40 miles per hour. Blizzard. Photography. Britannica ImageQuest, Encyclopædia Britannica, 25 May 2016. Accessed 17 Mar 2017.

Frigid weather throughout the United States during winter is highly expected, although cold weather closer to the spring season, especially in the South is confusing to a multitude of middle school students at Westminster.

Within the past couple of weeks, there has been a cold front throughout the south, northeast, and midwest regions of the United States. In fact, a blizzard occurred between Monday, March 13 and Wednesday, March 15 that dumped 8-15 inches of snow on the northeast region of the United States.

In addition to the cold weather in the northeast, the south has also experienced a significant decrease in temperature from a few weeks prior to the blizzard. This seemed odd to many middle school students as it was warm and then the temperature suddenly dropped.

The wintry weather affected a myriad of outdoor spring sports throughout the middle school. Andrew A., an eighth grade boy, said, “I play soccer and we had to play in freezing cold weather. I hated it, and it felt as if my fingers were frozen.”

Jae W., a seventh grade boy, reported that two weeks ago it was really hot at baseball practice and he was dehydrated because of the heat. Now he has to wear three layers of clothes because of the cold.

Many sports practices were cancelled because of the frigid weather. “Last week, one of my baseball practices was cancelled because of the cold. It was so cold that I couldn’t even throw the baseball,” said Jae.

Most students would have preferred it to be much warmer as the wintry weather has not only affected them in sports, but also outside of school in their everyday lives. “Over the past weekend, my older brother got sick, and I started to get a few sniffles,” said eighth grade boy Daniel V.

Although many students wanted it to be warmer, there were a few exceptions. Eighth grade boy Jack S. explained how he enjoyed the cold weather, but he did find it a bit peculiar as to why it was so cold this late in the year. “It was about seventy degrees two weeks ago, and it plummeted down quickly to thirty degrees,” he said.

Not only was it cold, but windy as well. This made most athletes participating in a sport miserable because the wind made them colder. “Last week we had a game and it was really windy,” said Daniel.

With the spring equinox on March 20, most students expect the temperatures to rise and nearly all are looking forward to that.

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