Harvey Hits

Hayes W., Staff Writer

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Harvey Hits

As many are aware, on August 25 Hurricane Harvey made its way towards Texas. The Hurricane hit Houston, causing 63 deaths, and over 40,000 homes were lost.

Hurricane Harvey was the first major hurricane to make landfall in the United States since Wilma in 2005. Harvey was a Category 3 hurricane, but eventually reached Category 4.

In just four days, many areas received more than 40 inches of rain, causing major catastrophic flooding. Many had to evacuate their homes, and some families at Westminster had relatives that were in danger during the hurricane.

Kenneth S., a seventh grade boy, had family that had to evacuate their home and eventually vacate to Dallas. Kenneth believes that middle school students can help the community. “We can donate to churches. My church had a donation center where you could donate everyday items to families,” said Kenneth.

Harvey has caused many regular life routines to be flipped. Schools, jobs, and regular routines cannot be continued due to the catastrophic flooding.

Story A., a seventh grade boy, has a cousin getting ready to attend college in Houston, but he can’t get there. “My oldest cousin was trying to leave for college in Houston, but they couldn’t go because the airport was completely underwater and the flooding was too bad to drive.”

Other Westminster students have opinions on how to help rebuild the city. Seventh grader Owen O.  said, “I think we could go online and find go-fund-me pages, and we can also donate time and effort into helping the people of Houston.”

Seventh grade boy Alex W. has his whole mother’s side of his family that lives in the heart of Houston. Alex W. said, “They had to evacuate to their friend’s house in Dallas because their house was in four feet of water.”

Alex W. also has ideas for how to help rebuild Houston. He said, “We could help by donating money or just going down to Houston and doing community service work and helping rebuild homes.”

Now that the storm in over, students and adults are starting to take action. Houston Texans defensive end, J.J. Watt has intervened in a big way. He started a foundation to donate money to and originally set the goal for $200,000, and just surpassed $27 million.
















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