Worst Flu Season Infects the US

Helen S., Staff Writer

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The deadly flu virus has hit the United States with over 50 deaths in Georgia and counting, according to Fox 5 News. It has affected every state accept Hawaii, with people encountering this virus every minute.

The flu has spread over to the Westminster Middle School in Atlanta, with more than one-hundred students being impacted by the illness.

The easiest way the virus is spreading is by touching surfaces that have bacteria on it or sharing a drink with someone who is sick.

Kendall O, an eighth grade student, had the flu during the snow week. She missed two days of school and said her symptoms were fever, sore throat, and throwing up.

The most common symptoms are a sore throat, fever, or congestion. During this season the vaccine is thirty percent affective, but doctors still recommend that getting the shot will somewhat prevent getting the virus.

Ashley McCauley, a nurse in the middle school, said, “Most people that came into my office claiming they had the flu, got their flu shot.”

The attendance in the middle school is different every day. Whenever someone has the flu, they will normally miss two to three days of school.

In Atlanta, Grady hospital set up a mobile ER, because they have had a 25 percent increase of patients. In a Fox 5 news article an official said that while a lot of people go to the hospital thinking they have the flu, usually they just have a cold.

Still in flu season the best ways to reduce the chances of getting the illness are washing your hands and having a healthy diet and sleep cycle.

Photo by Helen S. The new nurse’s office has been busy lately.


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