Bucks in a Box: Happiness on Valentine’s Day

Sidney N., Staff Writer

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In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, middle school students worked hard on the Bucks in a Box project. This is an annual service project aimed to help the homeless that occurs during the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day.


Brenda Cobler, a science teacher and the service council coordinator, said, “Scott A. founded the Westminster side of the organization last year when he was in service council. It is part of a bigger organization called Homeless at Heart started by a Lovett family.”


Homeless at Heart was founded by Lovett student Charles P. in 2015, when he was a sixth grader. He spawned his idea when he noticed a homeless mother and child. Since then their mission according to their website is to: “Provide a great Valentine’s Day to people who are homeless.”


The main service Homeless at Heart provides to homeless people is the Valentine’s Day boxes. These are shoeboxes which are decorated and filled with food and supplies.


This year, 182 boxes were made at Westminster, and for the weeks leading up to the delivery the boxes could be seen lining the walls of the sixth grade science classrooms. Thirty students came together over the course of three days to decorate.

Although Homeless at Heart’s objective is to help homeless people in the Atlanta area, Mrs. Cobler said, “Some boxes went to storm victims in Albany, Georgia.”


Among students Bucks in a Box is regarded as a good cause. Teja G. is a service council member who helped out on the project. He said, “I just thought that it was a good cause, and it needed more help. It was a good experience, and I would do it again if I had the chance to.”


He has strong hopes for the future of the project. Teja said, “I hope to bring this project over to the high school and continue it next year as a ninth grader.”


Mrs. Cobler said, “I’d like to get the kids to distribute the boxes themselves next year. This year the boxes went to Homeless at Heart and then were distributed through church groups.”


Students received much praise for the work they did over the course of the donation and decorating phases of the project. Mrs. Cobler said, “The boxes were beautiful. Designs made with care. It was fun everyday seeing how much the boxes piled up.”













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