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Easter Break: Eggs, Family, and Netflix

Anna B., Staff Writer

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Easter is coming up, along with a four-day weekend full of candy and egg hunts. Sugar aside, many families have their own special traditions.

“My family usually does an egg hunt,” said eighth grade student Brantley S. “Also, my mom tries to cook lamb and fails at it every year.”

Eighth grade girl Allie B. said something is different about this year’s Easter Break. “I’m going to Jacksonville to visit my grandma; our family normally travels somewhere else and with another family.”

While most stay home, 36 percent of students who responded to the Easter Weekend survey plan to travel.

“I am going to see the musical Hamilton on Broadway and see New York for the first time,” said sixth grade boy James R. “I’m really excited and can’t wait!”

However, not all of those staying in Atlanta are having a staycation. Many students are visiting friends’ houses over the break, and others are going to the Cherokee Town Club. Watching Netflix was also a popular vacation choice among those staying at home.

Of all the students who answered the vacation survey, 16.5 percent don’t celebrate Easter, but their plans are mostly the same as those who do. Surprisingly, not that many students mentioned going to church on Easter morning.

“During Easter break, my favorite thing to do is spend time with my family,” said eighth grade boy Jack S. This was by far the most popular answer when students were asked about their favorite Easter traditions.

Of 116 respondents, 77.6 percent said that one of their favorite things to do during Easter is to spend time with family. The second most popular answer was eating candy, which was rather unsurprising. The third most popular was egg hunts. You’re never too old to do egg hunts.

“Overall, I believe the best part of Easter is the traditions,” said eighth grade girl Sarah S.

Everyone has different plans for the break, but whether you’re going to Sea Island or staying at home for a Netflix binge, have a happy Easter!

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Easter Break: Eggs, Family, and Netflix