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Eighth Grade Boys Begin PE Health Unit

William B., Staff Writer

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Photo by William B.
Coach Hughes’ class plays Kahoot during health. 

One of the most important things when growing, as an eighth grade boy, is maintaining your health. Although plenty of students think of it as boring, others think that the health unit is completely necessary.

Russell W., an eighth grade boy, is just starting the health unit. “It is a little bit weird to talk about the things that we do in a classroom-setting, but they are still important in order to maintain our health,” he said.

Right now in health, the eighth grade boys are learning about why sleep is so important. As It turns out, not enough sleep can lead to 50 percent immunity system loss, allowing one to get sick much easier than usual, because one’s body cannot repel viruses.

One of the main lessons in the health unit is how drugs and alcohol can affect bodily functions while you are growing up. Sai T., an eighth grade boy, completely agrees with the statements made about the substances. “I have agreed to stay away from alcohol and drugs because Coach Hughes has inspired me to fulfill my dreams by staying away from distractions such as illegal substances.”

Sidney N., another eighth grade boy, still thinks the health unit is necessary, but believes sitting in the classroom with hardly any physical activity for six weeks can be a bit boring. “I am currently in the health unit, and most of the stuff that we are learning is pretty much reinforcing the same things that we learned last year, so it can become a bit boring during class, but I still think that it is necessary,” he said.

Anand S., an eighth grade boy who is also in the health unit, actually enjoys it. He added, “Although the health unit is not as fun as normal PE, where we just play games, I do think it is important that we learn about these kinds of things as we enter high school.”

Russell thinks that in order to stay healthy, one has to be committed. “Commitment is the most important thing in my opinion in order to stay healthy. If you aren’t committed to not using drugs, going to bed early, and eating well, you will not be healthy. If you are committed, you will have a much better lifestyle; you will just have to take care of your body.”

As second semester continues, the eighth grade boys currently have about two weeks left in the health unit before moving back to regular PE. There are still many topics to learn about on how to maintain health as a middle schooler. Everybody hopes to finish off the health unit furthering their knowledge on the topic and committing to staying healthy throughout high school and beyond.

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Eighth Grade Boys Begin PE Health Unit