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Exam Studying Tips

Ella J., Staff Writer

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Spring exams are just around the corner for middle school students at Westminster. It is important to find a study routine in order to go over all topics and stay organized to end the semester strong. Middle school students have tried and true advice on what they recommend in order to help the whole student community find new ideas on how to ace their exams.

Samantha F., an eighth grade girl with three years of exam experience, said that she likes to use flashcards to study because when she writes the information out, she remembers it more clearly.

Sixth grader Vincent B. agrees with Samantha on using notecards; he said, “Using notecards helped me do better on my exams because I was able to memorize material better.”

On the other hand, Emory H., an eighth grade boy, said, “I like to look over my old tests and quizzes because it shows me what I got wrong and also what I still need to study for.”

However, Jae W., a seventh grade boy, agrees with both the notecards and reviewing old quizzes and tests. He said, “I prefer to go over my old tests and quizzes, and I like going over my old notes. If there is vocabulary, then I like to make notecards, too.”

Jae and Emory both prefer reviewing old assignments because it is going over all the material that was taught in class.

Samantha recommends to not procrastinate studying for exams because then the student will have to cram and will not gain as much knowledge.

Vincent agrees and said, “The students should stay organized for exams so then it will make them easier. They should make notecards the week before, not the day before.”

When the students were asked what advice they would give themselves for the upcoming spring exams, Samantha said, “I would tell myself to do my best and answer every problem thoroughly.”

Emory said, “I would tell myself to finish middle school strong.”

Middle school exams take place on May 22 through May 25. However, this semester, the start time of exams has been delayed an hour, so exams begin at 9 a.m. in the morning. Students who qualify for extended time will begin at 8 a.m.

Sixth graders and seventh graders have World Cultures and History on Monday, while the eighth graders have science. On Tuesday, sixth graders have science and the seventh and eighth graders have language. On Wednesday and Thursday, every grade has English and math.

As the school year comes to a close, it is important for students to try their hardest on the spring semester exams. The pressure and anxiety that comes with exams can be eased by following these simple studying tips.


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Exam Studying Tips