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Is Exam Review Week for Exams or Review?

Sai T., Staff Writer

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The seventh and eighth graders are required to take their language oral exams during review week with the written portion given on the assigned day during exam week. Many students find the overlap of preparing for this portion of their exam while reviewing for the three other exams stressful.

Oral exams for French, Spanish, and Chinese are completed during review week in order to save time on the real exam day.

Kaelan K., a Spanish student in the eighth grade, stated, “I’m fine with the oral exam during review week because I feel that it actually relieves of some stress early on. Also, I think it would be too much work to have all of the parts of the exam on one day.”

Matthew F., a Spanish student in seventh grade, disagreed with Kaelan K. He said, “Oral exams during review week stress me out, and they distract me from my exams for the next week. I don’t think we would be able to have our orals, reading, and written parts in one day. So unfortunately, I think that we have to have orals during review week.”

Students also suggested ideas on how it might be less stressful.

Vance E., a French student in the eighth grade, said, “We should have the oral exam possibly a week before review week, so we don’t have to stress about so much. It would be painful, but it would be a huge weight off our backs.”

Kaelan agreed with Vance’s suggestion. “I think that the oral exam during review week is fine, but if I wanted less stress then I would want it even earlier than review week,” he said.

Matthew F. said, “I think the oral exam should either be at the very beginning of review week or before review week even begins. This way students can focus on other exams during review week.” 

The language exams can certainly stress out the seventh and eighth graders, but they have suggested some ideas that could definitely leave others less stressed in the future and with more time to focus on upcoming exams.


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Is Exam Review Week for Exams or Review?