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Words of Wisdom from the Wise: Top Study Tips

Helen M., Staff Writer

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Since Westminster is an academically challenging environment, middle school students have developed various study and homework tips which help them survive. In their first year of middle school, sixth graders might be in need of some tips as they start this journey.

The average middle school student takes about 1-2 hours to complete homework and study for assessments each night. The three most popular homework/study tools include using the online resource Quizlet, going to Office Hours, and keeping a planner at hand.

Quizlet has become popular among students because it is an easy access online study resource. Students can create an account and make flashcards that will eventually be used to help the student study by playing games and getting to know the content for tests and quizzes.

Quizlet is easy to access and has many features,” eighth grader Michael T. said.

“I prefer Quizlet because they have all sorts of study games and flashcards and they added a new learning feature and Quizlet live,” seventh grader Josie A. said.

Many students recommend keeping a planner because it helps them organize all of the quizzes, tests, homework, etc. and when it is all due. Planners help students think ahead and study days in advance to help prevent last minute cramming.

“I use a planner which helps me not forget my homework, which is, of course, very helpful,” said eighth grader Camille M.

Office Hours is a program where students can go to teachers and ask questions about the homework they assigned or upcoming assessments. This time is given to students right after the final bell at 2:45 and lasts until 3:30. “Office Hours is helpful because I like being able to talk to the teacher face to face,” Josie said.

“It is very helpful because I get to talk to teachers if I didn’t get a chance to ask them something in class,” sixth grader Ellie M. said.

Exams happen twice a year and are considered a stressful part of the semester where students have a chance to show what they have learned. Even though exams happen right before winter and summer breaks, students put time and preparation into studying for the test that determines 20 percent of the final grade.

Since exams take hard work and perseverance, students use a variety of strategies to prepare.

“I study with Quizlet, I study with friends with Facetime, and then I also quiz myself,” Camille said.

Michael said, “I use Quizlet, I read over my notes, and I do practice problems if it is math.”

Although students have many different methods for studying and completing homework, it is sometimes hard not to procrastinate along the way. “As soon as I get home I eat a snack and get all of my homework done,” sixth grader Fifo C. explained.

“Study smart, not hard, don’t overexert yourself, and study when you’re most productive,” Michael T suggested. 

Photo by Helen M. Ally M. happily shares her study tools.

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  1. AshleyV0022 on October 6th, 2017 11:31 am

    Great story! These are really helpful tips!

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Words of Wisdom from the Wise: Top Study Tips