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Middle School Students Have Busy Mornings

Annie J., Staff Writer

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Mornings start with the beep from an alarm clock

Photo Courtesy of Sophia R.

anywhere from 6 to 6:30 am, and middle school students spend their time in a variety of ways.

Before school starts at 7:55, students can be anywhere from enjoying a nice breakfast at Goldberg’s, listening to a devotion in Tuesday morning prayer group, having an early morning bible study, or studying in the Oglesby Room.

The shopping center on West Paces Ferry is a popular spot for people to grab a bite to eat before their long day at school. Many options include Goldberg’s, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A and Publix. Students have a wide variety of favorite breakfasts in the mornings. Some also eat at home with their families.

Sixth grade girl Charlotte B. said, “I like to eat pancakes and bacon for breakfast.”

Sixth grade girl Noelle S. said, “I eat cereal for breakfast at home.”

Eighth grade girl Helen M. said “I usually stay home and eat because I usually sleep in, but occasionally we will go to Chick-fil-A, maybe once or twice a week.”

Students can also skip that step and come to an early morning Bible study. Bible studies do all different things: some meet in teachers’ rooms and some will all go out to breakfast. Every week, members can expect a devotion led by high-school leaders and a nice platter of chicken minis to go along with it.

Seventh grade girl Teddy T. said, “My Bible study is on Tuesday, and I enjoy it but depends on what we do. We eat bagels, donuts and Chick-fil-A and we read out of a devotion book.”

Seventh grade boy Carter S. said, “We talk and we eat chicken biscuits and talk about life and football.”

Sixth grade girl Charlotte B. said again, “I want to do the Bible study in the morning.”

Bible studies meet anywhere from Monday to Friday, and it is a great way to connect with other students and high school mentors.

Tuesday morning prayer group is run by eighth and seventh graders, and it is held every Tuesday at 7:30 in the Middle School Chapel. A devotion is always given, and then everyone comes together in prayer.

Middle school counselor Saundria Zomalt said that she has never been to Tuesday Morning Prayer Group but she would love to go.

She feels that connecting with God is a great thing for students to do in the morning as she does it herself, “I like to honor God first thing in the morning. I typically just meditate in bed and thank God for my blessings. I think that having a strong faith can get students through a lot of things that they experience at this age in middle school. It also is a great benefit we have as being a Christian School.”

Lastly, every Wednesday is a late arrival day, and students that arrive to school early immediately go to the Oglesby Room to enjoy each other’s company and finish some homework or study for a test that day.

Eighth grader Peyton T. said, “I have to get here on Wednesday mornings because my sister is in the lower school and it starts sooner. I do my homework and study for something in the Oglesby Room, but sometimes I will just socialize with people.”

Even though not everyone may be a morning person, everyone has a different definition of what a perfect morning is for them.

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Middle School Students Have Busy Mornings