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Academics in the MS: Eighth Graders Note Changes from Seventh Grade

Wyatt L., Staff Writer

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Photo taken by Wyatt L, Staff Writer.

Eighth Grade: is it a warmup for high school or a cool down from seventh grade? Current eighth grade students notice quite a few differences in the workload as they move up the ranks.

“I thought the work in eighth grade would be harder than seventh because you have to be more responsible and more on top of things because we are about to go to high school where grades start to matter for colleges,” said Hayes W.

Eighth grade was expected to be harder than seventh, and students felt that they would be challenged more with the academics. Some were surprised when they found out that there wasn’t much of a jump early in the year.

“Eighth grade so far has been pretty easy academics-wise, but teachers expect more in you than in seventh grade. We aren’t given more homework than last year, but it’s more time consuming and harder than I thought it would be,” said Hayes.

In eighth grade, the quantity of homework isn’t quite as much as it was last year; the quality of it is much harder, and the teachers expect more from students while completing these assignments.

“When I was going into eighth grade, I felt like I would be ready, considering that in seventh grade it seemed like we had a lot of homework every night and I always had work to do. In seventh grade, I was always pushed to do my best and work as hard as I could,” said Walton N.

A trend for eighth graders is that most of them thought that they would be ready for this year because last year was filled with a lot of homework and hard work. But this year they were very surprised to see that it isn’t as hard as they thought it would be.

“The biggest jump in any of my classes this year had to be science because about five weeks into school we found out about our science fair. Because we don’t take a history or Bible class this year, I have to take this class more seriously knowing that I have to take an exam at the end,” said Hunter W.

Multiple students shared the same thoughts because science is now a year-long class for everyone with an exam.

“In my opinion science was the biggest change because I have to take it much more seriously and work even harder since I have an exam at the end,”  said Rajan K.

Many students felt that science had the biggest jump for many reasons, but the most apparent was that they had to focus and try harder now that there is an exam to prepare for at the end of each semester as opposed to one test at the end in seventh grade.

“Eighth grade so far has been easier than seventh grade. In general, I think that eighth grade is supposed to be harder, but seventh grade prepared me so well for it,” said Walton N.

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Academics in the MS: Eighth Graders Note Changes from Seventh Grade