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Greaser vs. Soc Day in MS

Helen R., Staff Writer

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Photo by Susan McMillan

In the novel The Outsiders, S.E. Hinton compares the Greasers with the Socs to provide a lesson for readers about not judging others by their looks. The sixth graders not only read the book but have a dress up day that allows them to experience what it’s like to be an outsider.

Most sixth graders said they dressed up as Greasers because they favor them over the Socs. To look the part, most wore jeans, white t-shirts, and leather jackets, but a few wore flannels and sunglasses on the designated day, February 1.

Many liked dressing up as Greasers because they were able to be someone different for a day. Harper P. said, “I wanted to feel like an outsider.”

As many sixth graders were dressing tough, a few believed that dressing up as a Soc would be more fun because they were doing something different than the majority of the grade. Cylvia B. said, “Everyone else was being a greaser, and I didn’t want to look the same as them.”

Also, some students dressed up as a Soc because they didn’t have the clothes Greasers normally wore, and the outfits worn by the Socs were easier to recreate. To look like a Soc, most students wore khaki skirts, white polo shirts, and a sweater.

Catherine Q. said, “I knew a lot of people were going to be Greasers, and I wanted to be something different. Also I didn’t have a flannel shirt or leather jacket, but I was able to wear my dad’s letterman jacket.”

Many students found this day to be very fun, whether it was being able to get out of dress code or being able to connect with their peers or the novel better.

Bryson W. said, “I was more comfortable, and I got to do my hair cool. Also I got to wear this shirt that I can’t wear normally to school.”  

Cylvia also said, “It was really fun. We did an advisement activity with the whole grade and the Socs and the Greasers had to sit in different places.”  

While most sixth graders had fun, some suggested a few things to improve the day. Timeyin A. said, “We could have done more stuff with The Outsiders.”

The day isn’t just a day where the sixth graders dress up, but many teachers can dress up too. Middle School English teacher Carter Thomas said, “I dressed up as a Greaser. I wanted to because I believe it is my alter ego, and I wanted to be one of those people that gets to break the rules and look tough.”

Ms. Thomas believes this day is helpful for sixth graders to get more interested in the book. She said, “All the classes were in different places, and no matter where  you were in the book, we were all able to connect as a whole grade.”

The Outsiders Dress Up Day has been a tradition for sixth graders at Westminster for many years and it’s most definitely a highlight for students in the middle school. 

Photo by Susan McMillan

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Greaser vs. Soc Day in MS