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Challenging Classes in Clarkson Lead to Success

Jacob F., Staff Writer

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Photo by Jacob F.

The slogan at The Westminster Schools is Love. Challenge. Lead. Change. Students in the middle school are quite familiar with the second word because plenty of challenging classes exist in Clarkson Hall.

Every once and a while students will come across a particularly difficult class, in which they must work harder and come up with new techniques to achieve better grades. Westminster challenges students in order to ease the transition between middle school to high school and to give students opportunities later on in life.

According to a recent survey, where 157 seventh and eighth graders responded, 43.3 percent said that the most difficult class this year was accelerated/advanced concepts math. Because these classes are the only honors classes offered in the middle school, this is not surprising.

Next, about 13 percent of students thought Science or English was the hardest class this year. Right at 55 percent of students said these classes were difficult because the material was confusing and another 46 percent said there was too much homework.

Rajan K., an eighth grade boy, said, “English is by far my most difficult class this year because there’s a ton of homework and sometimes I feel that I’m graded harshly. The advice I have for anyone else in this class is simple: don’t procrastinate. You need to get ahead so you’re not working on assignments at the last minute.”

Henley T., an eighth grade girl, claims the most difficult class she’s taken this year is math. She said, “I understand the material, but the tests are difficult, and I’m just not a great test taker.” However, she says she gets through the class by retaking her quizzes.

A little less than 18 percent of seventh and eighth graders said that in previous years the hardest class was seventh grade honors math and after that came sixth grade science.

Henley said, “Sixth grade science was very difficult, so I advise younger students to organize your materials and binder.”

Once again 77 students said the top reason for the difficulty was that the material was confusing; however, 58 students said they weren’t interested in the topic.

Middle school can be tough at times, especially with the amount homework and the fast pace that classes must go, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. It will all pay off in the end.

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Challenging Classes in Clarkson Lead to Success