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Helpful Study Tips When Doing Your Homework

Helen S., Staff Writer

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When it comes to studying at the Westminster Middle School, sometimes a lot of homework is assigned after a long day of learning.

Students in the middle school spend on average an hour or more on homework every night of the week, normally using their room to study or somewhere in their house.

Saundria Zomalt, a counselor in the middle school, said the most efficient way to get work done is to do homework right when you get home and focus on the hardest subject first. Then find a quiet room in the house to take away distractions.

Ella W., an eighth grader, said she studies at her kitchen table, where she spends an hour or more on homework before her soccer practice.

The most popular study method or website used in the middle school is Quizlet. Reading over notes and going to Office Hours are also helpful.

Max P., a sixth grader, said he goes to Office Hours to finish his homework and ask his teachers questions. Then, while at home he uses Quizlet and writing notecards.

While studying, middle schoolers tend to have their phones next to them. Ella said she uses it as a calculator, but normally it is just a distraction.

Ms. Zomalt said middle schoolers should not even have their phones in the same room so it is not tempting. Also half of middle schoolers watch Netflix which is another no-no, because it takes away from someone’s learning.

Lastly, the next topic that is controversial is listening to music when reviewing. Ms. Zomalt said it depends on the person if it helps or not. She said classical music is proven to be the most successful when working.

Max likes to listen to music; even though he said it is distracting sometimes, it still helps him while studying.

Finally, when choosing between getting a good night of rest or finishing an assignment, choose sleep. Ella said if she needs to finish homework, she will come early in the morning to do it.

In conclusion, students should try to always get the hardest subjects done first so they have more energy to do it. Try to keep away all distractions, and most importantly the phone. Lastly try to finish homework as early as possible.

Photo by Helen S. Ella W. and Cate S. work hard in class.

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Helpful Study Tips When Doing Your Homework