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Nine MS Students Win Big at Regional Science Fair

Victor H., Staff Writer

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Photo courtesy of Mrs. Jenkins

On November 28, 2017, students from all grades explored science as they roamed the halls gaining insight from two months of research by eighth graders.

A survey of seventh graders found that three out of four students were inspired by the exhibition, and 70 percent are looking forward to participating in the science fair next year.

Not only that, seventh graders have heard that the science fair is fun. Though not everything was positive.

Most students also heard that the science fair project was challenging and that it was difficult brainstorming up an idea.

The majority of eighth graders (78.9 percent) enjoyed the science fair, according to a recent survey. Nearly the same amount recommend teachers continue this activity.

Students had the choice to present in front of judges, and there seems to be a correlation between whether the students got judged for regionals and their satisfaction with the project. Everybody who stated that they did not enjoy the science fair did not get judged.

Most students had constructive criticism for the activity, with the majority of students stating that they wanted more class time to work on their project.

With the opportunity to go the regionals, 48 teams chose to take the opportunity to get judged to attend the regional science fair.

On December 4, 2017, during Morning Monday Meeting the results were revealed. Ten projects earned blue medals, 17 projects earned red medals, and 21 projects earned white medals.

While some students like Aran S. were confident that they would go to regionals, other students such as Dara W. were not as sure.

Those that earned blue ribbons were able to attend the regional science fair, hosted by Coretta Scott King Women’s Leadership and BEST Academy on January 25.

Dara W. appreciated the judges at regionals. She said, “The judges were really nice and they tried to make you feel as relaxed as possible.”

In the end, six Westminster projects won gold and three won silver. Best in category awards were given out to Ishan S., Avi S., and Michael T. for earth and environmental science, Dara W. and Katherine J. for physical energy, Will J. for robotics and intelligent machines, and Alex L. for systems software.

Special awards were given out to Nife J. for NOAA Earth Pulse Winner and Will J. for Office of Naval Research.

The students that earned gold will be able to attend the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair. Dara said, “I’m nervous, but I’m also really excited.”

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Nine MS Students Win Big at Regional Science Fair