Money, Money, Money at MS Stores

Henry C., Staff Writer

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The Campus Center and Bookstore are exceedingly popular for middle school students. The campus center is a hangout spot mainly used by upper school students while the bookstore is a place for students in the middle and upper school to get snacks and school supplies.

During the school day, middle school students aren’t allowed to go to the bookstore to buy snacks, but they can purchase school supplies.

On the other hand, seventh and eighth grade students are allowed to go to the campus center on their assigned days. Sixth graders don’t have that privilege yet.

Some people spend close to ten dollars a weekat these locations, while others spend none.

Eighth grade boy Alex W. said, “I go to the bookstore pretty often because there are so many great snacks to eat. I prefer to get Sour Patch Kids, Powerade, and Chocolate Wafers.”

Alex also stated that he spends around ten dollars a week at the bookstore.

Sixth grade girl Carlisle S. spends three to five dollars a week. Carlisle said, “I like going to the bookstore with my friends and when we go, I normally buy Sour Patch Watermelon, Cheetos, and Lemonade.”

The bookstore workers know a thing or two about the buying habits of MS students.

Mica Snyder, who has worked at the bookstore for five years said, “Some kids come in the bookstore every day and spend one to five dollars, while some kids will come in and spend ten dollars a day. But, the average amount spent is probably five to six dollars a week.”

According to a poll, about 48 percent of students in the middle school spend between one and five dollars per week at the bookstore. Just above 26 percent spend around six to ten dollars. And about 10 percent spend no money at all.

There are a few students, however, that spend fifteen dollars or more at the campus center and bookstore in one week.

Some of the most popular snacks are Sour Patch Watermelon, Cheez-Its, Powerade, cereal, and sodas.

Though the bookstore and campus center are popular to some students, there are some that don’t like to visit the bookstore or campus center.

Sixth grade boy Shaan D. said, “I don’t like to go to the bookstore because the lines are always huge and the snacks are overpriced. I usually just bring snacks from home.”

Shaan isn’t the only one who doesn’t like the bookstore. Seventh grader Blake H. also thinks snacks are too expensive and brings his own.

Photo by Henry C.

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