Students’ Favorite Classes and Electives

Riley S., Staff writer

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Most students in the middle school have a favorite class. From U.S. History to drama, they can easily name which one and why. The top three most frequent answers from students are P.E., math and science, but these aren’t the only ones.

Eighth grader Kelly S. said, “My favorite class is art because it allows me to get out of my comfort zone. I also like how soothing and therapeutic is it.”

While art is a common favorite among students, many like other classes such as drama, English, math, and history. These seem to reach the favorite class list as well. Ryan S., a seventh grader, said, “It really depends on the students’ preferences. They may like a certain class because of the content or maybe the teaching style.”

Over 24 percent of students who took part in a survey said the reason why their favorite class is their favorite is because of the teacher, while 22 percent said classmates and 12 percent said content. A few other reasons were the workload and getting exercise and three students simply said everything.

While most of the classes students take are required and not optional, that doesn’t mean they don’t have fun interacting with their peers in the class. This is one reason why that class may be their favorite even though the content may not be enjoyable.

At each grade level students have courses that they didn’t take the previously. Each year, students always choose their art elective. Some options are visual arts, chorus, band, orchestra, and more. Having the students select at least one of their classes gives them the opportunity to enjoy whatever option they chose instead of being forced into another class.

For some people, this is the reason why their art elective is their favorite class.

Sabrina F., an eighth grader said, “My favorite class is drama because it’s interactive, and I can use my creativity to express my individuality.”

Only sixth and eighth graders can switch languages for the next year, while seventh graders must take the same one as they did in sixth grade. There are four choices for students: Spanish, Latin, French, and Chinese. The most common language taken in the middle school is Spanish.

P.E. is a constant response and the reasons why vary. Sarabeth G., an eighth grader, said, “My favorite class is PE because it allows me to push my limits, and it makes me feel good after a workout.”

No matter the class, there are numerous choices that give students the opportunity to learn about many different subjects. What their favorite class is seems to depend on how they feel about the teacher, content, learning pace, and workload.

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