What’s Up with P.E.?

Zeke H., Staff Writer

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Physical Education is often a student favorite when it comes to going to class. Almost everybody looks forward to when the bell rings, and they can jet down to Turner Gym. Though there have been some changes made to the class, it still seems to be enjoyed by many.

One of the most notable changes made is the fact that the class is now pass/fail, which means that the grade will be presented as letters P or F rather than a number. One of the most common responses to this was that it took some stress off of the students.

Coach Jim Collis said, “There are no real major changes, but curriculum wise. The class is now a pass fail. This is  also a positive in not having test gives an opportunity for students to come down and still learn skill without having to take a test.”

If there was any one aspect about P.E. that would strike the attention of somebody, is the fact that you could possibly fail. There seems to be nothing more demoralizing than the fact that there are children falling behind in P.E., on top of other classes.

Mr. Charles Breithaupt said, “I think that it will take some of the pressure of off distinguishing between the A and a B. It is hard to assess ability and honor effort.”

Along with the new changes come new faces. P.E. at Westminster seems to be pretty diverse, as referred to by some coaches. With the addition of some new coaches, come different views, though the responses were mostly positive.

Coach Chris White said, “Teaching fundamentals and first experience with sports. Fundamentals on how to be a team. Not very different doing ms sports in the past, and a lot more space to work with.”

Coach Scott Cain said, “Opportunity to make an impact in a students life outside of the classroom. And an opportunity to get to know them outside of the classroom.”

The overall Westminster environment seems to have done a great job ushering in new teachers, and making them feel right at home. Future Cats seem to have a great support system in their M.S. coaches and P.E. classes. The space is very open and brings a great energy to the campus.

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